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Last month I had a new client call me and I quote “I have almost saved my 20% down payment”. My heart sank for her. I asked her why do you think you need 20% down, she replied “that’s the minimum required down payment”, I followed up by asking how long she had been saving for her down payment , and she replied 6.5 years.

The thought of all the missed opportunity in appreciation since 2009 just made me realize again how important our job as a Real Estate Professional and Lender professional is. It is our responsibility to continue getting the correct information out to the public in a timely manner that helps people fulfill their dream of owning a home.

I wanted to share this chart that basically explains what the latest “Home Price Expectation Survey “ reports, this is a survey of over 100 economists and real estate experts, this is their prediction for home prices for the next five years. This chart was going through my mind when I was speaking to her.

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About Joe New

I am very proud to be with PrimeLending. I have spent the better part of the last 15 years as a Mortgage Loan Officer and for the last 11 years as a Branch Manager as well, while continuing to build my team and coach and manage loan officers in business and life.

I have had the awesome opportunity to build and work with a very talented team of Loan Originators that I now call “My Team”, LeAnn Smiley, Team Assistant and Joey Fox, Production Partner. We serve on average a couple hundred clients a year helping them make great long and short-term financial decisions regarding their housing needs. I have invested heavily with our Real Estate and Builder Partners to create smooth and hassle free loan transactions for our clients by educating my team on knowing and understanding transactions from all sides including Borrowers, Real Estate Agents and Builders and their needs during the loan transaction.


Owning a home is the single smartest move you can make in your financial life.

How it Works

You may not think of it this way, but a mortgage is leverage. When you employ leverage, you use someone else’s capital to buy something. Leverage is how many wealthy people got that way. A mortgage allows you use your money and the lender’s money to grow your wealth. We think that’s smart.

Why it Works

You can deduct mortgage interest and property tax from your income, so more of your money works for you (instead of the IRS). Your equity in your home may grow if the value of your home goes up, adding to your principal investment. That’s leverage doing the wealth-building for you.

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