Why should you choose us?

It's simple. Our team will make the process easy, and our expansive suite of lending products enable us to meet the needs of 99.9% of prospective homebuyers. It takes a very unusual situation for us to be unable to help a client secure a great mortgage. Our focus is helping our clients manage and create wealth by guiding them toward the mortgage that best fits their long-term life and wealth management goals.

It's time we came clean: we're in this business because we're detail-oriented finance geeks. We sweat the small stuff. We hone in on the details. We can't help ourselves. We know that every time we do our jobs well, we have the opportunity to help transform someone's life.

It's Our People. Full Stop

Our lenders represent the gold standard, not only in mortgage lending, but also in client care. At all times, we want to make your experience straightforward, smooth, and as quick as it can be.

As we’ve stated, though, we want you to understand what you’re signing. When we take a moment to slow down and discuss a detail of the loan, we are doing so because we think it’s important that you have a good grasp of this particular aspect of the mortgage process.

Frankly, your experience with us is going to be better than your experience with our competition. Let us make your mortgage process simple, from your first phone call right through to that moment when you sign your first mortgage document.

We’re able to offer dozens of loan programs, each of which can be customized for your unique situation. Here are some of the loan programs we offer that might be useful to you.

Our Loan Programs:

Conventional Conforming Loans

There are High Balance limits on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans. We, unlike many other lenders, retain the ability to choose which of these agencies offers a product that will be most beneficial for your situation.

Jumbo Mortgages

You may be interested in purchasing a home that will require a larger loan that exceeds the current high-balance limitations set in place by the government. We have helped our clients navigate this complex lanscape and secured great rates on jumbo loans. Look to us if you want a jumbo loan without maxing out your stress levels.

FHA Loans

These are government-backed loans that require only a small down payment, making them perfect for those who have strict cash limitations. These mortgages are also perfect for buyers facing challenges with their credit scores, enabling those with credit ratings as low as 580 to pursue mortgage financing. We can make this loan process go much more smoothly than other lenders.

Renovation Loans

If you already own a home, or are interested in renovating a home that you want to purchase, we can assist you through our FHA 203(k) or Fannie Mae Homestyle loans that are specifically designed for small- or large-scale renovation projects.

VA Home Loans

Veterans are ideally situated to purchase a home without putting down any money out of their own pockets. We love helping our veterans get ratified, especially when they’re in a market that prefers conventional loans. We can also easily help veterans get approved for condos.

Private-Label Portfolio Lending

Sometimes our clients don’t fit into any conventional boxes that the FHA, VA, or jumbo loans create. If reading through these descriptions leaves you feeling like you don’t quite match any of these criteria, that’s alright! Give us a call so that we can learn more about your situation and tell you how we can make homeownership a reality for you, too.

More about our abilities: 

The scale of The Joe New Team is what gives us the abilty to offer great loans to nearly all of our customers, while our areas of expertise allow us to expedite the lending process. We are continually pushing ourselves to meet and surpass our goals even when we have to overcome rapidly-shifting obstacles, meet deadline after deadline, and simultaneously remain available to our valued clients.

We don’t just want to help you sign up for a mortgage; we want to help you gain a real understanding of the lending process well before the time comes for you to sign on the dotted line.

We know that homeownership is more than an appealing part of the American dream; for many Americans, it’s the foundation of their financial wellbeing. Possessing a thorough, accurate understanding of the mortgage process should surely preceed entering into such a contract.

When we discuss mortgages, we don’t gather around discussing dry numbers and programs without any greater context. We refuse to lose sight of the larger perspective: mortgages are a representation of the blossoming of success through the assumption of greater responsibilities.

We do our best to shed light on both your present and your future through the lens of the mortgage evaluation and lending process. While we remain sensitive to the poetry of potential, we must simultaneously keep a sharp eye on the details. We carefully usher each mortgage through each stage of the transaction, ensuring that no detail is missed. We want your deal to close right, and close right on time.