Mothers and their Day!

Mother’s day is around the corner and although I think about mine most every day, I believe it is a shame after all they do and especially mine that we only take one day to say thank you and recognize all they have done.

On more than one occasion Anita my mother has saved my life or just maybe my hide, when I well deserved what was coming to me.  She healed every bruise scratch, nick and cut on every part of my body and more importantly my heart when it was broken.  She has seen me through countless bad decisions and celebrated with me in every victory.  No one was a better cheerleader than she is  and unto this day she is still standing waving her pompoms on the sidelines cheering me on with every victory and failure I encounter.

I have been blessed without question in God’s pick of parents for me and I’m sure that you feel the same way.  I hope that this resonates with you and you take a moment to count your blessing and do something awesome for the mothers in your lives on the one day that we recognize all the things they have provided, the laughter, the joy, the encouragement, and the support they created in our lives.

If for some reason you were not as fortunate with the parents you were born into, than maybe it’s time to consider forgiveness not necessarily for them but to set you free.  Either way something to ponder on this day they call Mother’s day!