What is Mortgage Preapproval? A Checklist

  If you’re just beginning to seriously consider purchasing a home, you have probably seen a new term and wondered: what is mortgage pre-approval? Mortgage pre-approval results from a process that scrutinizes your financial situation and determines whether or not you are going to qualify for the level of loan you’re applying for. Let’s say you want to buy a $400,000 house. You’re probably not going to be taken seriously by the seller if you don’t have a pre-approval letter in hand saying you’ve been vetted and can immediately afford to purchase a home worth at least $400,000. If you… [Read More]

Should I Refinance After Divorce?

Divorce rates have fallen slightly from the oft-quoted 50% reflected by data gathered during the 80s, yet it remains quite possible that a couple once blissfully wedded might decide to part ways. Hopefully this isn’t your situation and you’re just interested in any eventuality, but it’s more likely that you’re here because you’re wondering if you should refinance after divorce. While we aren’t offering legal advice, we do want to share insight into what may make the most sense for homeowners who are divorcing and must decide what to do with their marital home. The way that divorce laws are… [Read More]

Mortgage Refinancing Do’s and Don’ts

Homeowners are unlikely to refinance more than a few times throughout their lives, so often they find that they are unprepared for the complexities of the refinancing process. Refinancing can be confusing and overwhelming. With this in mind, the Joe New team has gathered a list of our top mortgage refinancing do’s and don’ts designed to prepare you to successfully navigate this tricky process. While no standard list can fully prepare you for every individual detail you might encounter in your refinancing experience, this selection will equip you to begin the process without fear of making disastrous missteps. DO: Check… [Read More]

A Fort Worth Mortgage Lender that Exemplifies Teamwork

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  We are The Joe New Team, Cherry Creek Mortgage. It is always our top priority to ensure that our customer is satisfied with the lending process. As a trusted Fort Worth Mortgage Lender, we have over 45 years of combined industry experience. Our company is a leader in the field with more than 3600 loans closed. Our team is dedicated to helping people make great decisions. The Joe New Team strives to make our customer feel special and provide great service, as our customer is the most important aspect of the process. Allow us to introduce some key members… [Read More]

Fort Worth Mortgage Lenders Who Want to Save You Money!

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The Joe New team with Cherry Creek Mortgage is one of the Fort Worth mortgage lenders who truly cares about our clients. We are a “winning team” in the real estate and lender arena. With over 15 years as a Mortgage Loan Officer and manager, Joe has the experience to help you make solid long and short-term decisions when taking one of the biggest financial steps of your life to invest in real estate. The entire Joe New team strives to make your home-buying experience a positive one and takes their role seriously in making your dream a reality while… [Read More]

74% Of US Homeowners Now Have at Least 20% Equity in Their Homes!

In the last 24 months the real estate market as a whole has gone through a huge recovery and it is continuing to change by the month. We have seen more buyers than sellers and home prices have experienced rapid appreciation, multiple offers in every price range. With the speed of the change in the market and the most common question I get is “I Don’t know how much equity I have in my current home.” When you are operating from a position of lack of knowledge it creates uncertainty and you see below where you end up. I want… [Read More]

Make Your Offer Stand Out…Don’t Miss Your Dream Home!

Let’s Respond to the Market, Not React to it. Over the years, I have looked at thousands of credit files and provided sound advice throughout the loan process. I’m writing this because I’m tired of watching our real estate industry reacting to the market; watching clients walk away from the negotiation of a real estate transaction and losing to multiple offers. Over the years I have noticed that people fall in love with the Idea of living in a new home or upgrading the home they currently live in. They can visualize their families having family meals around their new… [Read More]

Beginning a New Chapter!

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The Joe New Team has moved to Cherry Creek Mortgage!! All the same great people and the same great service. We made the decision to make a move to better serve you, our clients and all of our referral partners. This was not a decision made at the spur of the moment or in hast in anyway. We looked at everything we needed to serve our clients from products, servicing, underwriting, closing, pricing, technology, company culture and leadership. We knew that our clients and referral partners deserved the best, we took the better part of 6 months to vet out… [Read More]

Real Estate Boom Or Bust?

I’m getting more and more questions from my clients asking “are we going to have another housing crisis?”  The truth is I’m not an economist; I’m a Loan Originator who is a student of the housing market. Here is what Warren Buffet said about it at the end of April. There are several reasons I believe Warren Buffet is correct.  The lending guidelines and requirements have changed considerably since the days of the loosy goosy lending practices of 2005. The industry is making better decisions and implementing more stringent requirements from borrowers.  This has resulted in better performing loans.  Zillow just did a… [Read More]

“A Change in Place + A Change in Pace = A Change in Perspective”

Over the last few months it seems like business and life have just been running at me pretty hard.  I was told by a good friend that “A Change in Place + A Change in Pace = A Change in Perspective”. Thanks Bill Hart! So I took the opportunity to spend some time with my oldest son and a few of his friends along with a business partner and my uncle and his son to do some offshore fishing off the coast of St. George Island, Florida.  Once you get there time starts to slow down and things move at a… [Read More]