“A Change in Place + A Change in Pace = A Change in Perspective”

Over the last few months it seems like business and life have just been running at me pretty hard.  I was told by a good friend that “A Change in Place + A Change in Pace = A Change in Perspective”. Thanks Bill Hart!

So I took the opportunity to spend some time with my oldest son and a few of his friends along with a business partner and my uncle and his son to do some offshore fishing off the coast of St. George Island, Florida.  Once you get there time starts to slow down and things move at a pace that gives you time to ponder where you are and what is next.   I had a chance to realize that life is not all about me. I enjoy watching one of my sons do what he is passionate about which is being around people who have the same interests and loving the camaraderie that comes from growing up with the same group of friends for the last 28 years and enjoying what only the great outdoors can bring.

The fishing was great as was the hospitality and food.  Getting to watch an awesome sunset or two didn’t hurt anything either.  At the end of the day it wasn’t about how many fish were caught or how big they were, it’s about building a few memories, spending time with the people in my life who mean the most and about spending time with me in a space that no one is demanding that I meet some deadline, return a call or push a file through underwriting. It was time that I could decompress and consider possibilities from a new perspective.

I hope that you and your family get an opportunity to get away if it is not for just a couple days to sit back and enjoy the true blessings of life, the people we care most about.